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Name Priv.Doz. M. Voigt, Plastischer Chirurg 
Name and address Priv.Doz. Matthias Voigt Bismarckallee 17, D-79098 Freiburg   
Medical Association Baden-Würtemberg
Regional Association of Statutory Health Insurance South Baden
Type of practice Associate practice for: dermatology / venerology / plastic surgery / hand surgery  
Last revised Feb. 2018
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Certificate of Completion of Specialist Training Okt. 1995 (Dr. Voigt) 

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At this point we would like to stress that our homepage exclusively reflects an informative nature and that we have strictly adhered to relevant guidelines (Medical Law and Law on Advertising of health-related products and services) in its presentation. We thus appreciate your understanding that we cannot reply to concrete medicinal queries by e-mail. This is only possible in a personal doctor/patient consultation.

You may find the current valid Code of Conduct (in German) by entering the search terms "Sonderdruck" and "Berufsordnung" on the Baden-Württemberg Chamber of Physicians website:

The facts presented in this site serve exclusively to furnish the citizen with requisite general information and is not an advertisement. Enquiries regarding medical problems made by patients within the framework of a medical consultation with a view to diagnosis and/or therapy may not be replied to by e-mail, telephone or in writing in the absence of a contract governing medical treatment according to legislation and the Medical Code of Conduct.

In this regard, please address your relevant medical queries to us personally.

In its decision of 12 May 1998 - 312 O 85/98 - "Liability for links", the Hamburg District Court decided that one must bear responsibility for the contents on a linked page. This may only be obviated by distancing oneself expressly from these contents; so in light of this, we hereby declare no liability for the contents of linked pages.