Breast reduction

Breast enhancement (mastopexy)

Overly large and/or sagging breasts often impair a woman’s sense of self-esteem; where the breasts are out of proportion to the rest of the body and limit the woman in many situations.
Oversized breasts may even cause postural problems to the spine and resultant pain. The objective of the operation is to recreate a breast contour that corresponds to the body’s proportions.
Special techniques allow the scars from the operation to be very small and placed in such a way that they are barely visible. Today’s techniques contribute to a prolonged and stable contour of the new breast.
When treated early, after-effects such as psychological impairments, insecurity, diminished social confidence and sense of inferiority, physiological dysfunction such as bad posture, knotty muscles in the back and neck, furrows and painful pressure sores in the shoulders may be obviated.

Breast reduction or breast lift requires particularly detailed consultation and planning since there are no standards or templates for this type of operation. It thus becomes crucial to analyse the breasts individually and discuss the desired breast and shape with the patient.
The breast tissue should be regularly examined in accordance with precautionary recommendations.

Breast reductions and breast lifts are performed in our clinic under general anaesthesia. The required incisions, position of the new breast and nipple are marked prior to the operation in the standing position. During the operation, the nipple is brought into its new position while simultaneously ensuring that sufficient blood vessels and nerves remain intact to guarantee circulation and sensibility.
The glandular and fat tissue of the breast is then moved so that the entire breast attains its new position. In the event of breast reduction, breast tissue is removed during this step. Then when the contours of the breast are formed with dissolvable sutures, the excess skin is removed.
The cutaneous suture then follows and shall be removed after 1 - 2 weeks. Drains are the inserted at the edge of the wound to drain the ichor. They are removed on the first or second day at the latest after the operation. A wide elastic supporting bandage is applied to the breasts following the operation.

Post-operation (breast reduction)

The breasts are cooled following the operation (breast reduction, breast lift), and anti-inflammatory and analgesic medications are administered.
The pain experienced after a breast reduction or lifting operation is generally limited.
A patient should be able to stand with assistance a couple of hours after the anaesthetic has worn off. The drains are then removed the next day at the latest.
A hospital stay of approximately 3 days is required. The breasts shall find their new location over the following weeks, lower somewhat and become softer to the touch.
The first sutures may be removed after 7 days, and plasters remain in place for a further 2 weeks.

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