Breast contouring in aberrant development

Aberrant development of breasts includes varying sizes, exceptional sagging or anomalous shapes on a particular side.

Such individual developmental formations often lead to a more or less pronounced distortion, which is felt by those affected (especially young women) as an extremely intrusive factor in their development.
The person concerned is often unaware that a correction procedure is possible.


Each patient is to be individually consulted in accordance with their developmental problem. Thereafter, the treatment - operation planning may be determined. Generally it is a matter of breast lifting or reduction of the areolae and nipples. An implant may often be required in order to create a new breast contour.


The sutures are removed after 7 - 10 days.
Physical exercise should be restricted for approximately 3 - 4 weeks, thus precluding participation in sporting activities and heavy physical exertion.
The patient is generally mobile again after 1 - 2 days and free from pain.
A bra without under-wiring, or preferably a sports bra should be worn for the next 4 weeks.