Contact procedure

PD Voigt im Beratungsgespräch

Initial contact:
You may simply call us telephonically or arrange an appointment by E-Mail stating the desired date, once you have decided on a consultation with us.

Initial consultation:
You should describe your problem and frame your queries to Dr. Voigt at your initial consultation and examination, and he will set aside adequate time to examine you and discuss the issues. A treatment schedule is then prepared, wherein the objective opportunities for treatment and the risks or possible side-effects are presented. Dr Voigt shall take notes and make sketches and you shall be provided with a copy of them after the first appointment. It is possible to arrange a date for the operation at this initial consultation, however most patients prefer to give the recommended therapy further consideation. Appointments for both treatment and operation may then be made telephonically. Further appointments shall be scheduled before the operation:

Your second consultation with Dr. Voigt where all details of the treatment or operation are established and documented will be accompanied by a consultation with the anaesthetist (with possibly necessary documentation such as blood-values and (ECG). All issues concerning treatment objectives should be fleshed out and answered by now, please do not hesitate to contact Dr. Voigt if you have have further questions to ask him.

Operation date:
The next appointment occurs on the morning that the operation is to be performed, either in the clinic or at the practice. Dr. Voigt shall then mark the regions to be treated where you are either standing or lying down. The anaesthetist will then attend to you.