Scar correction, acne scars, atrophic scars

Excessive scarring (hypertrophic scars) may occur after the operation or through accidents that may frequently cause both cosmetic and functional impairments.

Possibilities for surgical correction vary widely.
In individual cases it may suffice to remove the corresponding scar tissue under local anaesthesia.

Real keloids require prolonged treatment with cortisone, silicone sheeting and possibly cryotherapy (freezing) or laser. Often only one laser treatment is necessary after a scar correction.

It must be noted that as little tissue as possible is removed and the scar concealed inconspicuously e.g. in natural skin folds.
Special flaps such as the W - plasty or Z - plasty are available to this end. Elevated and mature scars may be improved with laser ablation.

Where a larger surface is altered through scarring, the defect must be covered by a flap after removal of the scar tissue.