Breast operations (cosmetic operations)

The breast is an organ cardinal to a woman’s sense of identity; and when she has the impression that it does not accord with her body, she feels incomplete. Breast operations thus become the most popular operations that we perform.

Small breasts may be enhanced to suit the body and sagging breasts may be augmented and given a new shape.

Large breasts may be reduced and augmented, and all such operations require the smallest of incisions so that fewer and smaller scars are visible.

The objective in the treatment is to provide a naturally appearing breast that suits the body.

Preparation of breast reconstruction (also referred to as breast enlargement)

We pay specific attention to the selection of suitable implants so as to ensure that the objective of the operation is to create a natural appearing breast that corresponds to the rest of the body; in doing so, the patient’s upper body dimensions are taken at the first appointment. Thus it becomes possible to select a variety of implant types and shapes.

The desired breast size is then mutually agreed upon with the patient in order to select the correct implant; thereby leaving no doubt as to the desired result. In the event that this is not the case, a renewed consultation with us should follow.

It is important that date for surgery is calculated correctly in order that consequences may be factored. A sports bra should be worn for 4 weeks following the operation in order to support the breast, but not a wired or push up bra that would force the breast upwards as usual.
This may displace the implant.

A sensation of tension that may hamper you daily activities is to be expected in the days following surgery. You should set aside a few days for rest and recovery in order to adjust to your new body.
Physical activity requires a further 2-3 weeks before resumption.

The operation (procedural method)

The implant positions are marked on the skin while standing upright shortly before surgery (breast enhancement and breast enlargement), since the position of the implant in the breast is only discernible in this position. The surgery itself lasts for 1 ? 2 hours, under full anaesthesia and in the presence of a fully qualified anaesthetist.

A small incision is made directly below the lower fold of the breast where the area below the pectoral muscle is easily accessible. Thereafter the implant is laid in the new fold below the breast so that the subsequent scar is barely visible.

There is seldom any haemorrhaging during the operation (breast enhancement and breast enlargement) that may not be staunched immediately. This remains a basic prerequisite for a post-operative procedure free of complications; and the implant is basically introduced through incisions in the armpit or the nipple.

The implant is then carefully introduced once a sufficient site for its location has been created. A special suture technique at the new fold then ensures that the new scar is barely visible.

Haemorrhaging during the operation (breast enhancement and breast enlargement) is seldom and swiftly staunched. This remains a basic prerequisite for a post-operative procedure free of complications; and the implant is basically introduced through incisions in the armpit or the nipple.

After the operation

Post-operative breast cooling is employed in order to keep swelling to a minimum. Medication is administered, even during anaesthesia, to counteract the pains ensuing from tightness. You should be able to stand with assistance once the anaesthetic has worn off.

We will show you exercises that are effective in combating the bonding of pectoral muscles, even from the day of surgery. The drainage tube may be removed painlessly the day after the operation.

The sutures may be removed after 8 - 10 days, and the wound remains covered by a plaster for a further week.

The normal swelling subsides within 6 weeks of the operation, where the breast attains its final size. Supplementary tightening of the breast may be necessary during relaxation. Thus the particular selection of the size of implant is important and this is achieved in consultation with your surgeon.

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