During a lifetime, the facial skin and subcutaneous tissue relaxes and drops thus leading to changes in the cheeks lower jaw and strands of the neck.
These changes may be eliminated by redraping the skin and subcutaneous tissue.


The operation does not only consist of the removal of excess skin, but also the streamlining of the mimetic musculature in the facial region. Excess fat is removed separately. A "rejuvenation" effect of 5 - 10 years may be anticipated after such surgery while preserving natural wrinkles: A "face mask" has to be avoided. The effect of the operation is dependent on lifestyle and may last several years, whereupon a renewed operation is possible again in 5-10 years time.

The incision is made predominantly along the hairline so that a conspicuous distortion of the hairline is avaoided. The hair is not shaved, but combed away from the area of the incision.
A distinction is made between standard face lifting with correction to the cheeks and neck region and involves the forehead and eyelids, and the so-called "mini lift", that merely involves a tightening of the cheek region.


Preparation for 2 - 3 weeks, no sun exposure for 4 weeks and the sutures are removed after 5 -10 days. Early lymphatic drainage aids the healing process.
Coarsely porous and blemished skin may require treatment at a beautician several weeks before surgery. Swelling recedes after 2 - 3 weeks.
A hospital stay is advisable in order to facilitate early recognition and treatment of complications such as secondary bleeding.
Post-operative swelling recedes swiftly with appropriate treatment.