Ear correction

Anomalies of the ear may have various causes, of which inadequate development of the longitudinal flap of skin or an excessively large ear cavity, or a combination of both may be the reason.
Unlike other bodily structures, the ear has already attained 90% of its final size by the fifth year, and its shape does not change significantly in the years thereafter.

Therefore, surgical correction by the age of five is possible and recommended before starting school, lest the child be hurt there. The desire may also arise in adulthood finally to have inconspicuous ears and the operation may be performed at any stage thereafter.

Is it possible without surgery?

Only very early treatment may obviate surgery.
If the prominence of the ears is detected (e.g. because of an unfavourable position in the womb) within 48 hours after birth, a pad placed over the ears for several weeks may help rectify this.
Later, neither special positioning nor adhesive plasters are of any use.

A modelling ear correction can change the contour and position of the ears. The ear cartilage is usually exposed, reshaped and possibly reduced either by an incision behind the ear or from the front in a fold of the ear cartilage.
Thus the cartilage may be permanently reshaped by shaping, incising and suturing.
At the end of the operation, a contouring dressing is applied to maintain the ear’s new contour for a fixed time (7 days).


After surgery you will wear an elastic bandage for 2 days and thereafter, a headband day and night for a further 2 weeks. The headband is then to be worn at night for a further 2 weeks.
The sutures are removed after 7 days.